Zope cookbook?

Paul Everitt paul at zope.com
Mon Feb 11 08:55:27 EST 2002

Hello Dave.  I think you are looking for the recipes at ZopeLabs:



djmitchell wrote:
> Is anyone working on a Zope cookbook, or know of one that already exists?
> I'm pretty comfortable with Python (+ Perl, VB, C++, Java/J2EE, ...) and 
> building Web apps in general, but making the leap to Zope seems pretty 
> tough due to an apparent lack of "here's how to do simple, common task X" 
> type of documentation.  I've got an app where a Zope solution looks like a 
> perfect fit, but churning out code feels like pulling teeth - I'm agonizing 
> over every line, and convincing myself there's easier/simpler/faster ways 
> to do just about everything.  I'm also finding myself reading through other 
> peoples' source code almost constantly - usually enlightening, but a REALLY 
> slow way of learning.
> I've give a specific example of one thing I need to do: I want to build 
> something analogous to an ActiveX control or a JavaBean, that can be used 
> to input a date.  It needs to check for valid data being input (e.g. no 
> "31-February-2002"); I might want it to be displayed using some cute DHTML 
> if the browser is IE6, or maybe something dumber/simpler like pull-down 
> text boxes if the browser is Netscape 2; it might also need to only accept 
> dates in a certain range (e.g. between "12-January-2002" and 
> "15-January-2002") that I specify; it might need to display a default date; 
> based on the user's geographic location, I might want entered dates to be 
> displayed on screen as "15-January-2002", "15-1-2002", "2002-1-15", or 
> "1/15/2002".  It needs to be a logical "function" that I can call from 
> within an HTML form, and assign the (validated) date entered by the user to 
> a variable of some sort.  Ignoring the distinct possibility that I might be 
> able to download exactly this "ZopeBean" from somewhere, I'm sure there's a 
> "normal" way of coding this within Zope (DTML method?  Python script?), but 
> I just don't know where I should be looking.  Oh, and I don't want to 
> resort to either ActiveX or Java to get the job done ;->
> Any tips, pointers, advice, useful sources of info, etc.?
> Thanks in advance
> Dave Mitchell

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