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On 31 Jan 2002 13:56:51 -0800, Samuel Schulenburg <samschul at> wrote:
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>> Two questions: 
>> - The current version of VisualPython .NET seems not to generate CLR
>> code, but just provide a fancy IDE for "Python as we know and love
>> it". Will Python support the CLR, and specifically the
>> language-interoperability thing? (I'm asking because I want to be
>> spared the ... bad language-lookalike that is C#). 
>> - With the leave of Mark Hammond from Activestate, does anybody have a
>> guess about the future of Visual Python .NET?
>I have run into the following catch 22 between what Microsoft say's
>and what they do.
>I recently attened their .NET seminiar where they proudly proclamed
>that .NET will support various languages, and
>Python,Fortran,Cobal,Effel,and others were mentioned. They did not say
>who would be porting these languages to .NET.
>Now at the company I work for, (A Microsoft House) we use Windows2000
>as the OS for our product. Microsoft's EULA that we have to follow
>states that we can not use open source, or GPL'd software. i.e I can
>not use Python at work/

Is this the EULA for Windows 2000? Or some other EULA?

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