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On Sat, 23 Feb 2002 16:20:54 -0500, "Mike C. Fletcher"
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>  >>> import string
>  >>> data = 'this\n\nthose\n\n\nthem\ntheir\nthose'
>  >>> string.join(filter( None, string.split( data, '\n')), '\n')
> 'this\nthose\nthem\ntheir\nthose'
>  >>>

Thanks for the suggestion. I really should have thought of that myself.
But there are so many different aspects to this script that I'm working
on, that sometimes something simple like this, I just want to "get done"
and work on the other "harder" stuff.

Your method is much better. I happen to be working on this script right
now, and will incorporate this change. 

Thanks for the suggestion,

Sheila King

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