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Here's a python script I have for using an
"invisible" ActiveX Control that dynamically
creates and displays Message Dialogs with
cool color backgrounds:

(please forgive newsreader word wrap messing up the script)

# Demonstrates handling an event fired from an .ocx ActiveX Control in
# Python
# November 20, 2001
# Michael Kelly
# The ActiveX Control provides dialog boxes with mixed color
# If a HelpCtx other than -1 is passed to a method a Help button is
# displayed in the dialog.  The demo handler below handles the event
# the Help button press.

import pythoncom
import win32com.client
import GradDlgX
import win32com.server.util
import os

HelpMsgs = ["Some Help Appropriate to Context 0",
            "Some Other damn Message for Context 1",
            "Okay, you Pressed Help with Context 2 Oberday!",
            "Alright already!  Help Context 3"]

def InternalHelpFunc(HelpCtx):
    if HelpCtx >= 0 and HelpCtx < len(HelpMsgs):
        print HelpMsgs[HelpCtx]

def ExternalHelpFunc(HelpCtx):
    if HelpCtx >= len(HelpMsgs):
        os.startfile("D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
class HelpHandler:
    def OnContextHelp(self, HelpCtx=GradDlgX.defaultNamedNotOptArg):
        #self.__dlg =
        #if HelpCtx >= 0 and HelpCtx < len(HelpMsgs):
        if 0 <= HelpCtx < len(HelpMsgs):

EDlg = win32com.client.DispatchWithEvents("GradDlgXControl1.GradDlgX",
EDlg.InfoDlg("Hello", 1, 1, 2)

=== end of script ===

Most of my ActiveX are of the "invisible" variety so
there may be container issues that don't apply.

The ActiveX Control in this case is one created by
Delphi 5 wizard from a Delphi "TWinControl"

[Note that one fun thing with this is that the
ActiveX uses a local dynamically created
dialog, so in the help handler I can call
the ActiveX Control to make another dialog
to show a msg if I like.]


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