Backwards Compatibility of Python versions

Jason Orendorff jason at
Mon Feb 4 21:39:03 EST 2002

Paul Rubin writes:
> I see publishing Python programs as like publishing web pages.  If I
> have to tell 2% of my users to upgrade those ridiculous old browsers
> to view my pages, I don't mind.  If I have to tell 25% of them to
> upgrade, I'm causing hassles for a significant population and I
> shouldn't do that without a good reason.  If I have to tell 80% of
> them to upgrade, I'm probably going to lose a lot of them.

My rule of thumb is:  if you tell X% of them to upgrade,
you'll lose about X% of them.

This applies to Python, too.  If you tell users "you need to
install Python", you lose the vast majority of potential users
before you even start talking about versions.

## Jason Orendorff

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