vars(os) starts help in ActivePython!!!

Magnus Lyckå magnus at
Wed Feb 20 10:50:52 CET 2002

"Keith Farmer" <kfarmer at> wrote in message news:<x7Cc8.2126$RJ4.246925423 at>...
> The same behavior was seen with wxPython's PyCrust shell, so I suspect it's

Running a non-ActiveState version of Python?

> not (just) activepython, but rather the way the interpreter module's
> written.

But it doesn't happen in the cygwin Python interpreter (also 2.1.1),
or in Linux (2.1.1 again).


>>> help
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
NameError: name 'help' is not defined

But even if I do "from pydoc import help" in cygwin or linux, I
don't get this strange behaviour. ActiveState did something to
the Python interpreter...


ActivePython changes to Python

This document describes changes made to the core Python sources by
ActiveState Tool Corp. for the ActivePython distribution.


3. Add the "help" command which calls Ping's


ActiveState Tool Corp.
18 April, 2001


Well, I was getting a bit disappointed about not having access
to the nice 2.2 features anyway, so maybe it's time to dump

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