Guido wins FSF Award

François Pinard pinard at
Mon Feb 18 22:00:55 EST 2002

[(Five Fresh) Fish]
> [chris.gonnerman at]

> > [...] and as far as I am concerned, Vorlons are welcome here.

> >"All Vorlons are Kosh"...

> Maybe we should all be Kosh!  :-)

This has not been over-stressed in the dialogs, but there are many Python
programmers living on Babylon 5.  Some of you might remember that episode
where Kosh got out of his suit once in public, to save the life of the
station commander who fell out of the transportation device (my English
vocabulary is severely lacking).  Everybody saw something different, but
surely for the Python guys, Kosh was like a phosphorescent, glowing Guido!

François Pinard

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