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Andrae Muys amuys at
Sun Feb 10 20:18:13 EST 2002

rony.steelandt at (Rony) wrote in message news:<b34d3835.0202080025.1d69d198 at>...
> YOU SHOULD BE ASHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashamed?  No, indeed he should be applauded for his stand for signal
over noise!
> Who on earth you think you are, to just post a message on usenet
> saying don't talk to that guy
> 1. Nobody or nothing gives you that right.
> 2. It's a attack to peoples intelegence here, i assume they very well
> can decide by themself if they want to dicusse or not
> 3. It's against the spirit of usenet
> 4. You are not God to decide this
> 5 ....

(referencing <4egfvd$2pl2 at>#1/1 from
compl.lang.rexx in 1996)

A quick grep through the deja archives indicates you have been on
usenet long enough to know that what you're spouting here is absolute
nonsense.  Everyone, by virtue of their involvement in a newsgroup
community, has the right to defend that group's signal-noise
ratio---you have been on usenet too long to claim ignorance of this. 
It is not an attack on anyone's intellegence, rather an appeal to the
same, a request that they step back and reconsider the value of the
(now rediculously extended) cascade they are contributing to.  That
they pause, before automatically replying to the troll in our midst,
and consider the effect of this threads continued existence on

It appalls me that someone who has been involved in usenet for so
long, would so willfully and deliberately, disregard the nature and
culture of usenet communities in this way.  To appeal to the 'spirit
of usenet' in defense of such a position maybe understandable, if
mistaken, in a newbie making their first post, but for someone who
appears to have been active here for over 5 years?

The spontaneous, self-organising, emergent communities of people
formed around this asyncronous text medium is the spirit of usenet you
so glibly refer to.  The reaction of this community (by flame, by
appeal, and eventually by ostracising) to defend itself against the
parasitic troll, spammer, or pathological cross-poster, is a
legitimate manifestation of this spirit.  An appeal by active
participants of a newsgroup for silence, for signal over noise, is
likely the purest expresion of the 'spirit of usenet' I can imagine.

Andrae Muys

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