ANN: HappyDoc 2.0.1

David Goodger goodger at
Wed Feb 6 19:11:30 EST 2002

> Philip Swartzleonard wrote:
>> ... I don't see any moral reason why happydoc's html output system
>> and better introspection (and whatever else it does good) couldn't be
>> merged into pydoc. :\

Fernando Pérez wrote:
> My point exactly. We have two open projects with vast amounts of overlap and
> certain individual strengths each. *Exactly* the problem calling for a
> judicious integration of the better parts of each, all for Python's eternal
> glory :)

More than two! For a grand-unification plan and work in progress, please see
PEPs 256 & 258 and the first two projects listed in my sig.

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