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> tell me what to do with this... maybe i'm looking in the wrong places

Install.  Run the demo.  This isn't anything more than a proof of concept,
and it's not all that complex.

> but i couldn't even find definate information on something both tiny and
> important: which OS(s) it is designed for. I can only guess that it
> works on windows due to the DLLs available for download.

See what you quoted...

>      This project aims to create Application Toolbars (a class of
>      dockable window under Win32) in Python. Examples of AppBars

However, I'd be just as happy if an API was developed to deal with these
things in a generic way.  I'm not certain, though, that it's particularly
feasible on anything less than an OS-by-OS basis.  Certainly, *I* think this
sort of thing is dreadfully missing from the Python GUIs I've dealt with
(PythonWin, wxPython, Tkinter).

> It is a nice idea though, if it does what i think it does =).

Well, it's been done before, certainly, but as far as I can tell, I'm the
only one to have bothered posting code.  If the resize/move bugs could be
squashed by someone more skilled in win32 than I, it'd be basically done for
what I'm wanting.  Even with the bugs (which I never encounter since I never
bother undocking the thing) it's proven useful for me.

Thinking of tackling DeskBands soon.  Might be cleaner.

Keith J. Farmer
kfarmer at

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