threads killing other threads

dman dsh8290 at
Thu Feb 7 22:01:27 CET 2002

On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 12:17:26PM -0800, Jeff Shannon wrote:
| Greg Weeks wrote:
| > I've occasionally wanted thread objects to have an exit() method, so that
| > one thread could interrrupt and kill another.  This doesn't seem to be
| > available, perhaps because POSIX threads don't support it.
| >
| > Is that correct?
| >
| > Is there some reason why threads killing threads would be undesirable or
| > hard to implement?
| I don't know the reasoning behind threads being unkillable (from outside),

Here's an analogy :

If someone is sitting on the toilet, then you come and kill him, how
is he supposed to flush?

Processes can be killed by other processes since their resources are
separate and the kernel can "flush" for the now-dead process.  With
threads, there is one process and all resources are shared.  No one is
left around to "flush".



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