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Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Feb 11 11:09:18 CET 2002

Chris Tavares wrote:

> Being a professional training celebrity will do that to you

Especially when you're an expert on a technology that's quickly
becoming obsolete <0.5 wink>

> Actually, there *is* one advantage to having WSDL that isn't about enforcing
> contracts - having WSDL around will let you build better tools.

Oh, sure.  Programmers will generate WSDL (or whatever) if
they find that it saves them some time, think that it's fun, or
if their customers want it.

I will, too.

And I'm sure that some programmers will write WSDL files just
to make Don Box happy.  Heck, some people will probably stay
away from dynamic languages just because he doesn't use them.

I won't.

(the real problem here is that RPC-over-the-WEB is a dead
end in itself.  XML-RPC works because it's soo damn simple:
it's simplicity often overcomes the limitations. But that's not
true for SOAP+WSDL.  Just lots of complexity, and no real
advantages over better designs.  But that's another story)


    "I have less and less need to convince anyone of any-
    thing. This feels like evolution, rather than apathy"
        - evan williams

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