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Sun Feb 10 20:38:13 CET 2002

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> Mark McEahern wrote:
> > Don Box on the Importance of Being WSDL
> David McCusker on the Importance of Ignoring Don Box:
> (I'll just give you a summary. I won't argue.  David's right
> and Don's wrong ;-)
> </F>

Don hasn't shipped an actual product in years, so his perspective is a
little odd. Being a professional training celebrity will do that to you. :-)

Actually, there *is* one advantage to having WSDL that isn't about enforcing
contracts - having WSDL around will let you build better tools. Codegen of
proxies & stubs. Better IDE integration. Web services "browsers". These are
all things worth having, I would think. It doesn't need to be WSDL
specifically, of course, but *some* sort of interface definition needs to be
around. WSDL is a baroque mess right now, but it will get better.


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