Defending the Python lanuage...

Hernan M. Foffani hfoffani at
Sat Feb 2 13:46:38 EST 2002

> > I fully agree that when a manager evaluates techs alternatives the
> > decision may be affected by non-tech factors. I don't think many
> > readers here would deny such claim and is a great forum to
> > look for answers on TECH's issues of Python.
> Wait just a moment here ... what are you saying here? is a
> great place to tooks for tech's issues But we don't consider
> issues ...
> Well in the ***real*** world where i live all descission are taken
> managers !

I meant to say managment issues that doesn't have to do or relate to
Python itself but, say, to business or customer policies.
For example, if your CEO states: "We are an Oracle partner, so
everything in PL/SQL" how much is left to say?

Of course, I accept that turning those cases in Python succesful
won't be offtopic.

What I do saw in from time to time and annoys me a lot is
confusing techs issues with business ones and perhaps I was being a
unfair with you.

Worst, may be is just that *I* don't want to read hundreds of posts
on proj-mgmnt here... Heh... So that's MY problem, aint so? :-(


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