Running CGIs under my uid - going slowly insane.

pawn NOSpawnPAM at
Fri Feb 1 04:37:00 EST 2002

Here's the situation:

I need my Python CGIs to run scripts under my own uid, since they read
and update .html files which are core to the site.

The company hosting my site,, seems unable or unwilling to

Several people have pointed me in the direction of 'cgi wrappers', but
I don't seem to get anything to work; perhaps I'm using things not
meant for this. Ideally, I'd just change the interpreter from
#!/usr/bin/python to the wrapper.

Solutions I've thought about:

* Switch back to perl which respects 04755 permissions.
* Kick and find a reasonable hosting provider (time+money
* Find out if anybody here can help
* Inflict physical harm upon self until cgi problems are either
forgotten or seem unimportant by comparison.
* Swear off computers forever, move to the woods.

What do you think? is the hosting company at fault here? Am I trying
to do something ridiculous? All I know is with perl it was trivial, in
python it's a pain (just like using the CGI package, when I get
something that seems to be a dictionary except it's read only and some
method can't be applied to it - why? why?)

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