Newbie: Problems with File IO

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If you want to remember them forever (sic) then use cookies.

If you want to remember them from post to post during the same "session"
then use a session object (a temporary cookie in effect) or encode a
unique session into the url (not as easy).

pyweblib.session contains all the functions you need.

Then you would simply

User connects
Do they have a session?
No - generate one.
Do they have a username?
No - ask for it and store in session username
Call the clean up function periodically to clear out old sessions.
On your page display the session username.

Remember to use try: or has_key or else you will get errors if there is
no username key in the session object.

For pyweblib see

Documentation isn't a strong point but the library should give you a

Hope this helps
Shaun Laughey,

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>> out_file = open("log.txt", "w")
> mode 'a' does append (thats the one you want), 'w' starts a new file 
> for writing, adding a plus 'a+' or 'w+' opens for read/write

Thanx! That's got me a bit further. What part of the standard Python
(the html one you get at would that be under?

Also, if you could give me a hint as to how I might get the script to 
remember people's usernames everytime they post, that'd be good.

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