Webizing Python

Michael Chermside mcherm at destiny.com
Fri Feb 8 09:42:10 EST 2002

> And seeing as I have very little information, I think it would be a good
> time to start criticizing.

I agree... this could ONLY be undertaken if we were EXCEEDINGLY careful 
about security issues, versioning issues, and locality issues. Even Tim 
Berners-Lee pointed out that he'd rather download modules to his 
computer and run them locally -- and keep them stored locally, to be 
updated only with his permission.

Perhaps the right approach is to FIRST build the python version of CPAN 
-- a system for storing modules and libraries, which also provided some 
way of rating the modules, dealt with versioning issues gracefully, and 
also gave a practically-just-one-click-needed ease of downloading and 
installing. Once something like this was built and working, THEN it's 
time to add it to the language itself.

-- Michael Chermside

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