print and unicode strings

Jason Orendorff jason at
Wed Feb 20 04:06:23 CET 2002

The following 3 lines are now in my PYTHONSTARTUP file
on Windows.

# Enable friendly Unicode output
import codecs
sys.stdout = codecs.getwriter('cp437')(sys.stdout, 'replace')

Check it out.

  >>> print u'\xbfQu\xe9 pas\xf3?'
  ¿Qué pasó?

What, no UnicodeError?  What happened?

It's even better in IDLE, with 'utf-8' as the encoding.
Try it.  This is guaranteed to make you grin.

  # in IDLE
  >>> sys.stdout = codecs.getwriter('utf-8')(sys.stdout)
  >>> print u'\N{COMET}'

I think IDLE should do this by default.  It's fine for
Python to "refuse to guess" encodings, but in the case of Tk
it's UTF-8 on all platforms... right?

## Jason Orendorff

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