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Jason Orendorff jason at
Wed Feb 13 15:58:52 EST 2002

U.S. Patent #5,206,951 wrote:
>     An object based data processing system including an extensible
>     set of object types and a corresponding set of "object managers"
>     wherein each object manager is a program for operating with the
>     data stored in a corresponding type of object. The object managers
>     in general support at least a standard set of operations. Any
>     program can effect performance of these standard operations
>     on objects of any type by making an "invocation" request. In
>     response to an invocation request, object management services
>     (which are available to all object managers) identifies and invokes
>     an object manager that is suitable for performing the requested
>     operation on the specified type of data. A mechanism is provided
>     for linking data from one object into another object. An object
>     catalog includes both information about objects and about links
>     between objects.

This quote comes from the part at the top of the patent document,
under the heading "Abstract."

Which I thought was rather apt.

## Jason Orendorff

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