python threads and perl/ruby threads? (Re: basic books/guides on multithreading programming?)

Tripp Scott tripps81 at
Tue Feb 19 11:58:46 EST 2002

hi andrea,

At 18/02/2002 11:09, Andrae Muys wrote:

yes, i'm afraid you confused me with cliff.

>Sorry I can't answer your question straight away, maybe check
>your local library (possibly uni-library) for a copy of Ben-Avi.  If
>you have any problems mapping the concepts he discusses to specific
>Python code I (and I imagine the rest of will do what I can to
>help.  Other then that, WHY do you feel you need threads?  Or is this
>just a "Something new to learn" question?

both reasons, i think. :-) you don't know what you want or need 
(or don't) unless you get to know more about the thing, right?

another question (or, thread): what differentiates python 
threads with perl and ruby threads, in the current 
implementations of the languages? i believe python use the 
native threads whenever possible, is that correct? i know that 
ruby always provides threads, for example, so that means it 
implement its own threads.


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