Guido's intuition (was Re: typetesting, adaptation, typeclasses, ...)

Andrew Koenig ark at
Sat Feb 2 19:28:08 CET 2002

> This is more or less true, yup. Just consider the vast hordes of
> programmers who, upon encountering Python, say "yuck! whitespace
> sensitive language!" who, only after trying it for a while, see the
> light. I was in that boat several years ago. It kept me from
> learning Python for a while. But then. But thennnnnnn. I _tried_ it.

It seems to be universal among programmers that they get hung up about
tiny syntax details until they get used to those details.  For example,
C and C++ programmers still argue about where to put the curly braces
in their programs.  At least Python doesn't have that particular problem...

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