vars(os) starts help in ActivePython!!!

Magnus Lyckå magnus at
Tue Feb 19 14:42:07 EST 2002

I have this strange behaviour in ActivePython 2.1.1 on
Windows 2000. If I type

>>> import os
>>> vars(os)

I will get the help prompt after some printouts!


In the normal Python Interpreter Shell I will get
a listing of variables before

"Welcome to Python 2.1!  This is the online help utility...",

in PythonWin I only get the "Welcome..." text, and then the
prompts. (Although long lines don't wrap in PythonWin, and
sometimes they get invisible instead...)

I noticed this by chance just after I tried to get PySpy.exe
<> to work. Running
PySpy also caused the "help>" to mysteriously appear...

Can anyone else see this strange behaviour, or is there something
fishy in my installation?

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