How did TimBL's speech at Python 10 go yesterday?

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Fri Feb 8 00:08:44 CET 2002

Terry Reedy wrote:

> I'd like to see the following someday (from his slide 4)
> import
> coupled with a public library of modules for anyone to import latest
> version of.

Hm, I dunno.  While it'd be nice to have easy access to the most recent
version of a module, embedding a URI directly into a program just
screams versioning nightmare to me.  I can just imagine some project
that works fine for years, until someone makes an incompatible update to
a module that's web-imported from another module that's web-imported

For this to work, I think you'd need to have some canonical way of
handling versions, and enforcing compatibility.  Of course, then you're
still left with the problems of running a program when some webserver is
offline, or traffic is extremely heavy, or...

CPAN-like functionality of automatically making a local copy would seem
like a much better idea to me.  (Still requires the versioning tools,

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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