wxPython: EVT_CLOSE question

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Mon Feb 18 22:40:46 CET 2002

alan scales wrote:

> Vadim Zeitlin <zeitlin at seth.lpthe.jussieu.fr> wrote in message news:<slrna6tjb6.e10.zeitlin at seth.lpthe.jussieu.fr>...
> >  The best would be to do it in EVT_CLOSE of the frame containing the control.
> > You also can use EVT_WINDOW_DESTROY but this could be too late to do anything
> > meaningful with the control.
> the frame containing the control isn't being closed (the controls in
> question are sort of being "paged in and out" - maybe this is
> pathological application). however, the EVT_WINDOW_DESTROY might be
> made to work.

In this case, I would give each of the controls a Save() method (or some equivalent), and call that each time before you
page them out.  It's a nuisance to have to remember to do so every time, but should be workable. (Be sure to document

Jeff Shannon
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