Just for the gurus -- Remote admin password changing with privileged user ??

Grant Olson olsongt at bellatlantic.net
Tue Feb 12 23:10:00 CET 2002

If you can find a Windows 2000 box, there is a RUNAS command that operates
like SU.  Either execute from the console, or right-click on an icon to
bring up Run As... on the context menu.

You also might want to look at cusrmgr from the NT resource kit

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"Matthias Janes" <matthias_j at lycos.com> wrote in message
news:d7d5ebdf.0202121332.4f7d3723 at posting.google.com...
> Just a small question:
> I'm working on a PC (Win NT) loggod on as user Matthias to the DOMAIN
> I would like to execute localy a python script to CHANGE THE PASSWORDS
> for
> 2 Administrators (SuperUser, TechAdmin) which are remote (60 NT
> Servers)on 60 different Domains where there is no user account
> Matthias.
> I thought of using the win32net.NetUserChangePassword to do the job.
>             BUT THE REAL PROBLEM is that I do not have admin rights on
> the other domains.
> I could copy the script to all the Domains and execute it logged on as
> Admin - but I would realy like to avoid this if possible.  Maybe there
> is a way to send an authetification to the domains like
> username:TechAdmin + the old passwort - (like a Su command) I'm not
> sure..... -- ANY HELP
> Would be absolutly create.

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