RELEASED - StandaloneZODB 1.0 release candidate 1

Tom Loredo loredo at
Mon Feb 4 18:35:09 EST 2002


I am having difficulties building StandaloneZODB on a *Mac*
(Classic, not OS X), even though I was able to build ZODB
from stuff I threw together from the last official Zope release
fine.  I tried it a couple weeks ago before the official
release, and got farther than I was able to get with this
new release candidate (which appears to have a heavily
revised, and to have ignored some changes that
Guido checked in specifically to help the code clear the
Codewarrior compiler).

I'm really pressed for time currently and have had to give
up on this for the time being (esp. since I already have
something that works).  If Mac compatibility is at all a
priority for you folks, do let me know and I'll try to work
more on it if I can.  In the past I have not found much
enthusiasm for Mac compatibility in Zope land....

Tom Loredo

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