John J. Lee jjl at
Mon Feb 18 21:25:28 CET 2002

On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, Mik Mifflin wrote:

> I'm trying to learn Qt programming and decided to use my new favorite
> language (Python, of course).  I'm using SuSE 7.3, and there is an rpm
> called PyQt installed, but it looks like I need PyKDE as well?  This is the
> program that I'm trying to run, and the error messages it gives:
> ImportError: No module named kdecore
> If I do need PyKDE, does anyone know of an rpm that will work with SuSE?
> Or am I just better off installing from source?

You don't need PyKDE if, er, you don't want to write a KDE program :-)
PyKDE is currently in a state of flux, thanks to Jim Bublitz, who's
finishing PyKDE2 just as KDE 3.0 is nearing completion (no, he's not
*that* slow, KDE 2.0 had been around a while when he started work on

You clearly don't have a working PyKDE installed, but I wouldn't worry
about that yet: get Qt figured out first, then come back to KDE.  The
translation here from C++ to Python is trivial, even if you don't know
C++, so just read the Qt docs (should be in one of your rpms, will end up
somewhere like /usr/share/doc or /usr/doc), and take note of the
differences between Qt proper and PyQt (for which see the docs distributed
with PyQt itself).

Actually, plain-old PyQt programs look pretty KDE-ish (on the surface) to
me, but I haven't used KDE for a while...


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