help: Problem with cgi form

Jon Ribbens jon+usenet at
Tue Feb 26 01:10:45 EST 2002

In article <3C7AD506.3000906 at>, Max M wrote:
>> Beware that, in general, that is a bug. You are open to Cross Site
>> Scripting attacks. Even in the absence of these, if the value happens
>> to contain characters significant to HTML (such as '"', '&', '>', etc)
>> then your program will go wrong.
> Yeah ok ... I thought that there was a limit to how much should be 
> explained in one post :-) But here goes:
> from cgi import escape
> '<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME= "last_pos" VALUE='%s'>' % escape(last_byte_pos)

That is also a bug ;-). cgi.escape does not escape single or double
quotes by default, and indeed never escapes single quotes.

> from xml.sax.saxutils import quoteattr
> '<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME= "last_pos" VALUE='%s'>' % quoteattr(last_byte_pos)

This is also a bug ;-). quoteattr outputs the quotes as well as the

The Python library functions do seem to be trying to make somewhat of
a mountain out of this trivial task. cgi.escape would work in all
situations and would not break backwards compatibility if it simply
always escaped single and double quotes.

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