Python vs. C/C++/Java: quantitative data ?

Eduard Smirnov Ed.Smirnov at
Fri Feb 22 02:43:28 EST 2002

I’m writing a diploma paper on the difference between scripting (e.g. in
Python or Tcl) and system programming (e.g. in C, C++ or Java), and one of
the claims I want to make is that you can often develop applications 10x or
more faster in a scripting language.
I apologue that more applications can be written or re-written in scripting
language faster and with more complex functionality then in system
programming language.
If you have any experience in writing applications in system programming
language (e.g. in C, C++) and re-writing it in scripting language (e.g.
Python) or vice versa, please compare your work in both implementations,
describe your work/application’s functionality, approximate number of lines
and time of development of each implementation, skill’s level needed.
Any more comments about are welcome.

Additional thanks for copy your answer to my e-mail.

Eduard.Smirnov at
Tallinn Technical Univercity

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