win32 Zope 2.5.0 vs python2.1&win32all

Max M maxm at
Thu Feb 14 14:16:37 CET 2002

Robin Becker wrote:

> I am having bad problems with zope not starting up properly. I think
> this is caused by having Python-2.1.2 + win32all installed. It seems
> that paths set up in the registry by win32all are getting into sys.path
> when zope runs. This is causing massive confusion between modules
> installed in the base python and those I wish to test with zope.

I have several versions of Zope and Python + win32all installed and has 
never had any problems.

Are you starting zope via your own script or via ??

I have a "zope243.bat" on my desktop for starting Zope:

C:\zope\zope243\bin\python.exe C:\zope\zope243\ -D -P 8000

Then I am shure that it gets started with the correct Python version and 
libraries. And I can easily run it in debug mode. Which is a bit harder 
than starting it as a service. Well usually I install it as a sevice and 
then disable it. That way I can easily switch between development and 

And if I want to run more than one server at a time i have another bat 
file ie:


C:\zope\zope25\bin\python.exe C:\zope\zope25\ -D -P 8001

So that version runs on another port.

All pretty painless.

regards Max M

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