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Fri Feb 8 20:52:39 CET 2002

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> Guido posted a bunch of talk slides to the Python website in PowerPoint
> format.  I understand his reasons for not creating HTML versions (mostly
> because the HTML generated by PPT sucks).  Still, that leaves people
> access to PPT sort of out in the cold.  What non-MS tools are out there
> (open source or otherwise) for reading, displaying or converting PPT
> to other, more accessible, formats?  If we can get a reasonable (but
> short) list of tools, I can probably see they get referenced on the
> page of the Python website.
> Thanks,
As a public service, and completely without Guido's permission, I have
temporarily installed a PDF copy (generated by printing GvR's ppt file to
Acrobat PDFWriter) of his Developers' Day presentation at


If Guido would like to have one of his many minions take a copy and save it
on the Python.org site I will then be able to delete mine. Alternatively, if
he's happy to let it stay there then so am I.

but-until-he-says-so-i'm-not-building-any-more-links-to-it-ly y'rs  - steve
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