TRYING to like python, but...

Brian Quinlan brian at
Fri Feb 8 17:38:33 EST 2002

jimh wrote:
> I untarred, configured and built python 2.1.2.  It all seems to be
> fine.

You probably should take Trent's advice and just use ActivePython (even
though he's been slacking and doesn't have a 2.1.2 build yet).

>    xml.sax._exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable: No parsers found
> Well, THAT'S helpful.

Seems like a useful error message to me.
> Nothing in Setup about xml.dom or xml.sax, so I assume that Setup is
> Besides, I WAS able to import and start using xml.dom.

xml.dom is written purely in Python so you aren't dependant on an
external C library. 
> So I get online and start searching around for this error message.
> some vague references to needing "expat" (whatever that is).  

Expat is a C library for XML parsing. It was written my James Clark, who
claims that it is the fastest parser in the world.

> Ok, I remember vaguely something about expat in Setup, so I go back to
> Setup and see that TO USE A STANDARD PYTHON LIBRARY, I need to
> ADDITIONAL code (expat) from SOME PLACE ELSE.

The problem is that expat is not a project run by the crew at
PythonLabs; it's a third-party product. I think that you will find this
to be the case with all scripting languages (it certainly is with

Maybe someone (not volunteering) should try to provide binaries for
novice Linux users?

> So I ./configure again, and Make again, and, guess what??? IT STILL
> DOESN'T WORK!!!  (xmlparse.h: no such file).

Do you look for that file? Is it where you expected it to be?

> To be honest, if python is really this difficult to use, I am going to
> something different.

Why don't you try something different and then tell us if it was easier
or not.


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