Trouble with getting remote Computer Name

Matthias Janes matthias_j at
Mon Feb 25 13:24:02 EST 2002

Hi all.

I'm working on a small app for Win NT - to change automaticly user
names on about 70 different Win NT Server each one in a different
I'm nearly finished just having I thing one probleme still to be

As I'm new to python I would appriciate some help.

My Problem:

I have the IP address of all the Servers in a VPN for instance
(,, and so on)

How can I get from each Server the Name of the Server in python.

I was thinking of one way: maybe a "ping -a" and with
popen somehow to read the name - but there must be an easier way I'm
just not aware of it.

Any Help would be real greate.

Matthias Janes

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