Python MySQL and MAC OS X

Peter H.J. v.d. Kamp kamp at
Mon Feb 11 11:54:31 CET 2002

>> > According to the MAC OS X documentation of Python 2.0 I have
>> > to drop the file onto the interpreter and pass the
>> > build argument by setting a Unix style command line (which can
>> > be set by holding the option key during interpreter startup).
>> Sounds frightening ;-) Don't you have a shell or terminal window on
>> MacOS X?
>Sure there is. I think maybe he's not yet aware that there are still two
>very different version of Python available for OSX: MacPython, which
>is still backwards compatible with MacOS 9 and earlier, and then there's
>plain vanilla "unix Python". It sounds like he's trying with MacPython
>where he really needs unix Python.

Sorry, that was an omission in my original posting. I'm indeed working with
MacPython and not with the plain vanilla "Unix Python".


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