HTTP state management without cookies?

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Sat Feb 23 21:33:49 CET 2002

On 22 Feb 2002 17:50:40 -0800, Paul Rubin <phr-n2002a at> wrote:
>philh at (phil hunt) writes:
>> What do you consider the other 2 methods to be? I can think of 
>> encoding it in the URL, and the server remembering the browser's IP 
>> address. Are there others?
>You CANNOT identify sessions by browser IP addresses. 

What's bugging you? I suggest you calm dowm.

> That's been
>discussed here several times.  Think of proxy servers sending requests
>from many browsers through the same IP address--for example, AOL
>proxies millions of browsers through a few hundred addresses.

I am perfectly aware of the limitations of this method, thank you 
very much.

>A number of other means of identifying sessions have been discussed
>here in the past few weeks though.

Indeed, I have taken part in these discussions.

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