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Fri Feb 1 21:39:48 CET 2002

The telnet connection in this case is part of a CGI Python script.
A user that is outside the firewall sends us a file via a web browser.  Then
the script ftp's the file from the web server into another server, and then
telnets that server to do some processing on the file.  But the ftp and
telnet are done within the LAN.  So, I do not think the firewall got
anything to do with it.  hmmmmm..... I do not know.  Also, even if the user
outside the firewall closes the web browser window, it is not to my
knowledge that processing done through telneting in the script will stop.
Could it be that the script itself running on the web browser is being
dropped by the firewall while the script is waiting for processing to finish
through telnet?  Is this possible as you are suggesting?
The whole system is working fine with no glitches.  Except for this incident
today when the text file (that particular file was quite big:  143 MB)  was
ftp'd and the telnet worked since some processing was done (applying
dos2unix and then tr on it).  Then apparently it dropped out without doing
the next steps of processing.
I am hoping it was only a network glitch.  We just have to ask those people
to send the file again and see if it works.

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> > Thanks Emile
> > I am trying to find out why a telnet connection (using a Python
> script)
> > dropped out.
> Would you by chance be trying to connect out to a system behind a
> firewall?  Perhaps a non-activity timer is dropping you while you wait
> for processing to complete on the remote host.
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