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On 29-Jan-02 07:36:50 Steve Holden <sholden at> wrote:
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>> In article <3C564908.124C6148 at>, Peter Hansen
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>> >Chris Gonnerman wrote:
>> >>
>> >> It doesn't matter whether your response is kind or cruel, agreeable or
>> >> argumentative, it's the *attention* he craves.  Just don't talk to him.
>> >> Not at all, even if he calls you terrible names.  If we ignore him long
>> >> enough, he'll eventually go away.
>> >
>> >"The 'Norwegian Blue' Ribbon Campaign to Shun Rue in c.l.p."
>> >
>> >Chris, would you be an honorary founding member?  :-)
>> >
>> >(Count me in.  I'm going cold turkey.  Please flame me violently if
>> >I have a relapse.)
>> now if only we could redirect him toward perl :)

>Well, he didn't seem to notice when I set followups to alt.stupid. So you'd
>only need to forge an address of your own to avoid becoming a part of the
>resulting conflagration :-)

Guess that's another way of saying you are dishonest.

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