[Tutor] Working with Email question [new 'email' module in Python 2.2]

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Feb 24 02:17:04 CET 2002

[Sheila King]
> There are other problems with the email module as well.
> ...

Sheila, if you belive there's a bug, you should open a bug report.  No bug
gets fixed by arguing on a mailing list, and I can pretty much guarantee
that the email package's author isn't going to see anything said about it
unless he reads it in a bug report.

A bug report doesn't need a lot of argument unless it proves to be
controversial; but since you haven't yet gotten this to the author's
attention, you can't yet know whether Barry will love or hate the complaint.
It doesn't really matter what Oleg or I may think:  we're not the experts
for this package.

> ...
> I hope this doesn't sound like sniping or whining.


> ...
> But I believe that my complaints are valid, and that these are problems
> that need to be corrected in the email module.

Without a bug report, nothing will change.  I often open one for a poster
when a posted behavior is obviously a bug, or when the poster seems unable
to articulate their case clearly.  This one doesn't fit either case, so I'm
leaving it to you:


Barry may or may not agree it's a bug, but-- honest --he doesn't bite,
except on Thursdays <wink>.

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