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Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 25 14:36:16 EST 2002

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002 01:00:59 -0500
Tim Peters wrote:

> I got a better one:  suppose you shoved a banana down your throat, then a
> carrot in each nostril.  Would it then be the banana's or the carrots'
> that you couldn't breathe anymore?  That's right:  it would be the
> because you didn't have any trouble breathing before they wound up in
> nose.  Or maybe it was the banana's fault after all, since if it weren't
> there, the carrots' presence wouldn't matter.  It's a puzzler.  Just so
> as it's clear that it's never ever your fault <wink>.

Why bananas and carrots?  I think the image of a python down the throat and
a ruby in each nostril seems much more exotic and interesting.  This attire
might even be considered attractive in some cultures.  If this were the
case, then perhaps it would be arguable that it really /isn't/ the OP's
fault, but rather society's for imposing unattainable standards of beauty
upon him.

Really Tim, you are _so_ culturally insensitive.

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