Problems with select

Neal Norwitz neal at
Tue Feb 26 14:02:06 CET 2002

Alain Tesio wrote:
> Hi, I can't manage to make select work, in both 1.52 and 2.1.2
> I just want to read stderr and stdout when executing a command
> with popen3, and I must use select, read() blocks when there is
> more than a fixed amount of data (4 KB I think)
> The problems is that select still gives something after the end
> of the file, or sometimes never returns anything at all.
> I create the pipes with :
> (pipe_out,pipe_in,pipe_err)=popen2.popen3(command)
> and use select like this:
> (the doc says : select(iwtd, owtd, ewtd[, timeout])
> I didn't put pipe_in as it's closed)

It looks like you may want to do something like:

	select_fds = [ pipe_out, pipe_err ],[],[],1)

select() should return whenever there is something to read from
either pipe_out or pipe_err, or after 1 second.


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