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Michal Wallace sabren at
Fri Feb 8 23:59:20 CET 2002

On 8 Feb 2002, Philip Swartzleonard wrote:

> Aahz Maruch || Fri 08 Feb 2002 11:10:47a:
> > I know some of y'all still keep roots to the Perl community, so I was
> > wondering if there's any kind of definitive nickname for Perl
> > programmers, the way we call ourselves Pythonistas?
> Hm, i don't seem to remeber seeing this Pythonistas thing till maybe two 
> days ago. Anyway, where did it come from-- based on some word? And HTF do 
> you pronouce it? :)

It's been around a while... I say "python - ee - sta"...

random factoid: I used to own, but gave it
to Steve holden...  not sure what he's got planned for
it... :)

Aahz -> perl programmers call themselves JAPHs... for "Just
Another Perl Hacker". They often even sign their messages
with perl oneliners that produce that string, if I recall.


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