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> Sheila King <usenet at> writes:
> > I have a friend I'm working with right now, that we are putting together
> > a project in Python and PHP (he's doing all of the PHP part). He has
> > only just been learning Python for a few weeks. He might have some good
> > suggestions for you, as to how he approached learning Python (as an
> > experienced programmer in other languages). If you'd like me to put you
> > in touch with him, send me an email.
> Topic drift: why are you doing something in Python -and- PHP?
> Can't you do it all in Python, or maybe all in PHP?  Why use two languages?
> There's some Python template systems that do pretty much what PHP
> does.  If something is missing from them, maybe they need improvement.

Let's put it this way:
I prefer to handle the part of the project that deals with scanning in
the emails and processing them. So that part is being done in Python.

The PHP is a web interface for the user to configure the Python script.
It is really irrelevant what language the web interface is in. Anyhow,
my partner is doing the interface, and he is more skilled in PHP.

I had started out on a very similar project on my own, before I became
aware that this other person was also working on a project like mine. I
was doing the web interface in Python and proceeding quite slowly (only
because I don't have much experience at it). This guy already had a
working interface in PHP when I found out that we were doing similar
projects and might as well work together.

In other words: pragmatics. I joined a project that was already in
mid-stream and started by someone else.

Sheila King

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