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Sat Feb 2 13:59:59 CET 2002

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> These arguments may apply somewhat less to you, since your presence on this
> list implies that you are actively pursuing technical knowledge, but in
> general managers tend to be far less knowledgable on these things.

This is definitifly true Cliff, and i think this is the case for all
rather small software companys, remember we're 10 persons.
Alltough even in a small company you need structure (one of the first
lessons i got) i think that as a manager you can't afford yourself to
be the prototype general  manager and rely on technical people, even
if they capable people. This is just my opinion, but if you stick to
that, you need as that type of  manager to have the technical skills
to be able to evaluate the arguments of your technical staff. And this
explains my presents here on the forum.
Python is one of our principle software development tools and even if
my job at my company isn't programming, i think i know it as good as
my programmers... (they better not read this <wink>). But the main
reason for this is that i really like it as a language and use it quit
often for some personnal software i have. Of course it gives me allso
some technical skill, and since my engineers know this, they know that
they can't tell me storys since they know i 'll know it isn't true. So
this is a gain of time in some mather ...

Regards Rony

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