(Long) Re: Autocoding project proposal.

Timothy Rue threeseas at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 7 05:28:38 CET 2002

On 06-Feb-02 12:12:24 David Masterson <dmaster at synopsys.com> wrote:
>>>>>> Timothy Rue writes:

>> There is only the creation of a configuration of very common code
>> functionality, carried out to it's natural conclusion in support of
>> versatility.

>That has already been done.  It's been done over and over for the last
>50 years of computer programming.  Without a clear definition of what
>you mean by "common code functionality" to differentiate your approach
>versus what's already out there, I see nothing worthwhile in your

I've defined the nine commands, so show me where this configuration you
claim has been done over and over again.

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