Pythonistas? <- Re: OT: Perl programmers?

Gustavo Cordova gcordova at
Tue Feb 12 18:10:48 CET 2002

> >"-ist" - an individual professionally or avocationally 
> occupied with the
> >idea or activity defined by the root [1].
> >Of course, in either Spanish or Esperanto it would more commonly be
> >"Pythonisto" anyway, so who knows.

Kinda wrong for Spanish though.

A follower of Zapata ("Emiliano Zapata", perhaps?) would be "Zapatista",
be it a male or female. "Zapatisto" is a gross error, and it's funny
also :-)

It's common for little children to mistakenly use "-isto" as well as
"-ista" when talking about boys or girls, that's why it's funny, because
it's an infantile mistake.

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