Scripting C++ -- Boost.Python vs CORBA vs ???

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Tue Feb 26 19:01:15 CET 2002

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> On Monday, February 25, 2002, at 05:32 PM, David Abrahams wrote:
> > I've been interested in systems for automatically wrapping C++ and
> > generating documentation for a while, so I downloaded the PDT (the
> > toolkit used by SILOON) and tried it on one of my source files. After
> > of hacking, I was able to get the EDG front-end component to parse my
> > source
> > and generate an intermediate language (.cil) file, but the PDT
> > which is supposed to interpret the .cil and produce a high-level
> > description
> > of the code crashed with an assertion:
> SILOON uses scripts to run the PDT and we've worked hard to make it easy
> to use.  Essentially all you have to do is edit a file (that is included
> in a Makefile) and point macro variables to the location of your source
> files (.h .cpp ...).  I would be interested to know if you have similar
> problems using the EDG front-end from SILOON directly.

Well, I'm less interested in SILOON itself than in the PDT, but I might try
it if I get some more time to waste ;-)

> > Assertion failed: ptr->assoc_template, file c:\documents and
> > settings\bertie\desktop\finalwinstuff\taucpdisp\src\disp-
> > tau\il_display_tau.
> > c, line 3047
> >
> > Since the PDT doesn't come with source, there was no way for me to
> > fix
> > the problem.
> The PDT comes with sources for everything (almost) but the EDG front end.

There's no "il_display_tau.c" in either the .zip or the .tar.gz.

> What PDT version were you using?

The very latest I could find at

> Would you like to send your source files to me directly
> and I can
> look at the problem, although if it is windows-specific code, I can't help
> you
> as I don't have access to Microsoft compilers.

It's code that compiles on 7 different compilers including several different
EDG-based compilers on four OSes, so it shouldn't be a problem. If you get
the current boost cvs state (see
and a copy of Python-2.2, you can try for yourself. The file is

> (On further examination, it looks like the PDT doesn't have source for
> taucpdisp,
> I'll ask the developers why not.)
> I can provide access to a prerelease version of SILOON which uses the
> latest
> version of the PDT, which may fix your problems.

If you can get this to work, I might be interested in seeing the results.

> > Furthermore, the PDT developers don't seem to want to be reached. Their
> > contact page (
> > says:
> >
> >     To contact the developers of PDT, please use the "Comments" section
> > the download page.
> >
> > But of course, there is no "Comments" section on the download page. :=(
> I've forwarded you comments on to the PDT developers so that they can fix
> their web pages and comment personally on the core dump.


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