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Fri Feb 15 15:15:27 CET 2002

Jeff Shannon <jeff at> wrote:

> Tim Hammerquist wrote:
> > OTOH, exceptions in Spanish are much less frequent than in English or
> > French.  Pronunciation is nearly 100% predictable, and there are more
> > regular verbs than most languages.
> >
> > (I have no knowledge of German.)
> German has fewer exceptions than English.  There are a fair number of
> irregular verbs, but many of those follow similar patterns.
> Pronunciation is also extremely predictable, unlike English.

All true. The only problem in German is that there are two
incompatible standards <wink>.

For instance,

`ich bin angefangen...` vs. `ich habe angefangen...` (both mean `I
started...`). Only one is correct but which one depends on the area
where you live.

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