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On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:34:23 -0600
Gustavo Cordova wrote:

> Has a python wrapper for SQLite been written yet?
> SQLite, for those who haven't checked it out, is a
> C library (or dll) which implements a SQL data store,
> complete with foreign keys, indexes, etc etc.
> I think it's modeled after the PostgreSQL engine,
> bit I could be very mistaken. The author has done
> a few comparisons with PostgreSQL, and says that
> it's about 4 times faster.
> Also, it stores the whole database in a single file,
> which is mighty convenient.

I'll have to check that out.

> There's the hassle of a db server. I KNOW, to us geeky
> people setting up a MySQL, an mSQL (ewww), or a pgsql
> engine isn't a hassle at all, and it pays back quite
> nicely by separating data storage from the application.
> But to a non-developer it may be more of a hassle than
> to us.

Actually, MySQL on Win32 is very easy these days.  I have a friend who,
while not a total loss on computers, is far from an expert.  I pointed him
to the MySQL website and he managed to get MySQL running on his Win2000 PC
without any problem.  He had far more problems with Access (which he uses
as a front-end to MySQL) than he did with MySQL itself.

Probably the most difficult part of setting up a SQL server is getting
user-permissions correct.  It's very tempting for a beginner to just give
admin access to everyone (or have everyone use the admin account) to avoid
access problems.

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