Hidden files, selecting directories, & taxes

Martin Franklin martin.franklin at westgeo.com
Thu Feb 14 09:33:30 CET 2002

Christopher wrote:

> Hello everybody,
>     I had a couple things to ask:

> 2)  Is there a simple and easy way to allow the end-user to select a
> directory?  For example, let's say all files of rpt type are saved to
> a certain directory (named by each user).  And we want to perform an
> operation on each of the files, is there an easy way to get the
> directory (when I say easy, I mean something like
> tkFileDialog.askopenfilename or the like).  Right now I skirt around
> the issue by asking the user to select one of the files they wish to
> process and then I us os calls to get the directory path then use
> listdir to get a list that I loop over.  It's a bit of a cheesy method
> but I spent a significant amount of time making it feel 'natural.'

###Tk directory selection dialog:-

from tkCommonDialog import Dialog
class Chooser(Dialog):
    command = "tk_chooseDirectory"
    def _fixresult(self, widget, result):
        if result:
            self.options["initialdir"] = result
        self.directory = result # compatibility
        return result

def askdirectory(**options):
    return apply(Chooser, (), options).show()

### for some reason this crashes on Win95 but not on any other win I 
### tested...

> Chris

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