Which GUI toolkit to use?

Joshua Muskovitz joshm at taconic.net
Tue Feb 5 20:07:41 EST 2002


1.  Needs to run on Windows platform.
2.  Needs to easily support completely custom paint (buttons, scrollers,
listboxes, etc).
3.  Needs to handle simple input (editboxes, onLeftClick events).

The goal is to produce an app that runs full screen on a Win platform, and
is interacted with via a touchscreen.  I would like to just paint the whole
damn thing myself, but a widget manager will make input handling easier.
There will be a lot of bitmaps making the whole thing pretty.

Tk seems like it is a pain to use, wxWindows seems like it doesn't make
painting easy, pythonwin (win32ui) might be the way to go, ...

Decisions, decisions.  There wouldn't be anyone around here who has an
opinion, is there?  :-)

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# joshm at taconic.net
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